blogpoke2I’m delighted to share a wonderful party treat for poke, sashimi, and sushi fans out there.

Some friends came over to our place recently for quick dinner before we headed out to Circus Center, a very entertaining acrobatic cabaret(highly recommend!) here in our neighborhood in San Francisco.

One of our friends brought over a bowl of poke, so we broke out the wasabi flavored lotus chips, and created the perfect party holiday party hors d’oeuvre!

If you like your sashimi and poke, you know those items are not the easiest to serve as hors d’oeuvres – you need to deal with soy sauce dip, seasoning, wasabi spread, chopsticks, which is all very awkward if you are standing up and need something to pass around at a party. So you can now forget chopsticks and dips – just lay a lotus chips under everything and forget about the mess and awkwardness.

Poke is already seasoned but sashimi works just as well as part of this holiday hors d’oeuvre.  Either way, the raw tuna flavor and texture are extremely complementary to Good Roots Lotus Chips.

Seaweed and wasabi are the most traditional ingredients that you add to your sushi.  So our wasabi favor lotus chips and seaweed flavor lotus chips are great ways to complement the tuna flavor and, at the same time, relieve your guests of having to pour extra soy sauce or spread wasabi.  I like to pre-dip the tuna in soy and lay them on wasabi lotus chips to get both our touch of salty from the say along with solid wasabi kick from the wasabi chip.


Taste is one thing, but texture and how your food actually feels on your palate is part of the joy of eating.  Buttery avocado and moist raw tuna on their own risk being a little too slippery for your mouth and challenging to digestion.  So a lotus chip delivers the crunch and bit of fibrous chew you want went eating these combinations.

So why do I call this a “holiday” hors d’oeuvre? Well … the COLORS! Your traditional holiday colors pop from out of your platter when have the GREEN avocado and/or seaweed flakes on the RED tuna on a beautiful golden lotus chip.

Here’s to a great holiday season!

Be Good!


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