What do you get when you put together two of the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet?

…  A fantastic salad and party favorite that makes you crave for more!

Try one of my favorite combinations by dipping into your quinoa salad with Lotus Chips (Original Flavor) seasoned with curry powder.







I’m a fan of quinoa and love all that goes into my quinoa salad.  Like our Lotus Chips, the health benefits and nutritional value of quinoa are truly great.  And I enjoy quinoa as an alternative to rice and all the carbs that come with rice.


The challenge with quinoa is that it isn’t the easiest dish to serve to a diverse sitting.  Even folks like me who may find quinoa salad savory, don’t necessarily end up with a craving sensation between bites.  And quinoa doesn’t necessarily sit on your plate or in your mouth in a way that necessarily appeals to younger eaters.


The Lotus Chips work really well in complementing the taste, texture, and eating experience of the quinoa salad.  I like to use Lotus Chips (Original Flavor) with curry powder over the chips as seasoning.  The curry powder contains cumin which matches very nicely to the cumin in the quinoa.


The Lotus Chips are a great conveyor of the quinoa salad from plate to mouth, and help transform a somewhat messy quinoa dish into a fun eating experience using our kaleidoscope chips as the fun platform to reach more age groups and settings (party favorite, appetizer, salad course, main). The combination sits in your mouth so nicely, with the Lotus Chip providing that fiber and crunch that the quinoa salad desperately needs.


The ultimate proof will be after that first bite … I find that the quinoa salad + Lotus Chip combo generates that great craving sensation which you are happy to satisfy with more dips and bites because you are, after all, eating some of the healthiest food in the world.


Be good!


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