In Japan, the Lotus Root is the vegetable for auspicious occasions because it symbolizes bright futures ahead.

The custom is to look through the holes of a cut lotus root to try to get a glimpse into the future.

And wow, have we ever been more hungry for a peek into the future more than now?!

What a tumultuous year it has been so far…


At Good Roots we operate between supply sources in Asia, manufacturing in San Francisco, and fulfilling the needs of our customers and stores throughout the US.  So given our interactions with Asia, we had been dealing with significant challenges maintaining our supply chain and keeping up with our lotus root inventory.

The virus hit the US just when our Asia operations were recovering.  So the restricted supply chain challenges from Asia became replaced with an overwhelming demand issue from the US. All of us in the US food industry have been operating at a manic pace dealing with extraordinary demand for the last couple of months.

We have been extremely fortunate and completely able to keep up with supply and demand.  We’ve have a committed production staff and have been proactively keeping our store partners stocked.  Finally, in the last week, the food industry is now approaching more of a normal, steady state. Consumers are still in the stores but everyone is adjusting their spending to the new economic reality.

Good Roots will do its small part…

Good Roots is waving the $2.50 handling charge on all online orders starting on April 15, 2020 (Shipping is already free).

We have not established a cutoff date for the offer, but we’ll keep you posted.

All of your charges are fully viewable at


So I’m taking my favorite vegetable during this wild period in our history …. looking through one of the attractive white tunnels of the lotus root … and it’s telling me, “This too shall pass.”

Stay Good!



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